Prestige Landsculpting Inc.


We not only promise to deliver beautiful landscaping, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site immaculate.

Our Services Include:

Professional Consultations
We meet with you to analyze your maintenance or installation project and prepare a computer generated design for a free "no obligation" estimate.

Landscape Installations
We meet with the customer to discuss options. Prepare a plan for any removals or renovations for existing landscape. Create a computer generated design with an itemized estimate using proper native plants and the highest grade of materials available. We also provide a written guarantees on all materials. 

Landscape Maintenance
Requires knowledge, Mother Nature's assistance, timed applications, the right tools, and patience. Proper and professional maintenance for your lawn trees, shrubbery, flowers, beds, etc. Proper mowing procedure and height. Proper weed whacking, cleaning off all walkways, driveways, patios, etc.

Spring Cleanup
Preparing shrubs, tress, perennials for new seasonal growth. Trimming any necessary plants. Edging and preparing beds. Fertilizing any necessary trees and lawns. Cleaning up beds. Preparation for spring growth.

Bed Edging and Mulching
Trim necessary plants and trees. Remove any leaves or debris. We machine edge beds. Apply proper systemic intrusive weed barriers to maintain beds as weed free as possible throughout the year. We also use the highest grade of double shredded mulch available to establish a suitable bed for your plants.

Lawn and Plant Applications
Proper lawn applications are applied at precise calendar times to maintain or establish a weed free healthy environment for your turf or plants.

Lawn and Bed Weed Control
Proper selective broadleaf herbicides are used throughout the growing season to minimize bed or lawn infestations.

Shrubbery and Tree Trimming
We trim any plants or small trees which we feel are in need of being trimmed to clear utilities, windows, water faucets, walkways, or any common areas where over growth is unwanted. Proper trimming of ornamental plants and shrubbery is normally a yearly procedure.

Fall Cleanup
We normally preform two to three fall cleanups beginning in the middle of October to the end of November to try to remove as much debris from your property as possbile. We have large power blowers and try to mulch in as much compost as possible.

Pet Perimeter Fencing & Low Voltage Lighting
Installing low voltage pet barriers and any type of low voltage lighting.

Water Diversion & Drainage Services
Proper routing of down-spouting & proper foundation connections to remove water beyond excavation lines around buildings.

Snow Removal
We use plow trucks for driveways and parking areas. Clean sidewalks or access areas. Apply salt and calcium in all necessary areas.

For more precise information please contact us for a specification form on your individual request.